Compact Macro Set

(Caonon EF-S60mm Macro USM)

This compact and lightweight set uses "MRS60 Port (w/o control ring)" for Canon EF-S60mm macro lens and attaches a strobe directly on the X-2 housing via short arm. The "Holder II" is attached via "X-2 Holder II Spacer" to support the right hand.

Advanced Macro Set

(Caonon EF-S60mm Macro USM)

This advanced set uses "MRS60 Port (with MRS Control Ring)" and "MRS Magnet Ring 60 Set" for Canon EF-S60mm macro lens to control focusing by INON patented MRS (Magnet Rotary System). The MRS system employs magnetic attraction where lens focus ring rotates as you turn outer "MRS Control Ring" by same gear ration / torque as you control the lens on land. The lens port has screw mount to hold versatile M67 mount close-up lens. You can attach / remove a close-up lens underwater and no need to worry to darken an image as like a teleconverter. INON offers "UCL-67 M67","UCL-90 M67","UCL-165M67" and "UCL-330" with different optical power to choose depending on a subject or your creative intention.

Fisheye-Wide set

(Tokina AT-X107DX Fisheye Zoom)

Example set for Tokina 10–17mm fish-eye zoom lens. Compatible zoom gear supports fish-eye imaging at wide end as well as wide imaging at telephoto end. The lens is housed in well-established INON port "Dome Port 2+Shade 2 Set" which is attached on the X-2 housing via "Extension Ring S". The "Holder II Grip Set" enhances controllability of the zoom / focus dial. The shutter release lever, aperture dial is accessible by the right fingers with holding a housing. So you can comfortably control aperture setting / zoom position without seeing dials to concentrate on composition or to capture the moment through a viewfinder.