Feature Of INON Technology

Unique Lens and Strobe System
"More reliable","More easy" Let's explore INON unique and flexibly upgradable system supporting from beginners to professionals.

Ideal Underwater Strobe Control
From transparent housing to digital SLR

Free Exposure / Shadow Control
How INON "S-TTL" controls fine exposure tune or darkness of shadow when using dual strobe configuration.

Strobe Determines Flash Amount
Useful for shooting situation where TTL Auto mode does not work well or for intentional flash output control.

100°Circular Light Distribution
INON Z-240 / D-2000 / D-180 series patented T shape twin flash design producing well balanced light distribution.

Suppress Built-in Flash Influence
Schematic illustration of INON unique Clear Photo System.

User Serviceable Fiber Optics
INON optical cable products connects a strobe and camera system. This section explains [wireless type] and [non wireless type].

How to Select INON Arm
Basic guide of arm functions and selection for underwater photography beginners.

Bugeye Lens Photography
A professional photographer reveals how to shoot with the UFL-M150 ZM80 to capture underwater world through eyes of a tiny fish.

Render the Ocean Brilliant Blue
A professional photographer reveals how to render background water brilliant blue by warming strobe color temperature.

Jellies, small shellfishes and larval fishes
A professional photographer reveals how to capture ocean drifters as fascinating subjects by silhouetting their transparent body.

Color Temperature Conversion Filter & Diffuser Shooting TipsOcean Drifters Shooting Tips