Handy Underwater Light with Quality CRI 90/6500K LED
Spread Beam and Light Up Seascape, Wreck

Maximum 600 lumen with wide 75 degree coverage suitable for photography/videography. Having high CRI LED chip enhances color reproduction and visibility. Wide and even light distribution is ideal for wide and macro imaging as well as for cave, night diving.



JAN code: 4562121439924

INON “h” series LED light is equipped with quality CRI 90/6500K LED module providing superior color reproducibility. The LE600h-S delivers ideal light quality as a focus light and lighting source for macro imaging.
Higher color temperature attains similar color tone as strobe light and fits in with strobe photography without showing up.


Refined surface coating by specific paint offers superior corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance for further durability.
The LE600h-W comes with "Red Filter LE" not to stimulate shy underwater life by changing light beam color to red.
Wide range of optional accessories is available to install on a camera or camcorder.
The LE600h-W runs on easily obtainable 3 x AA batteries. Practical run time with eneloop pro rechargeable batteries is rated approx. 80 minutes (*). Using compatible rechargeable batteries like "eneloop" enables you to share same battery charger with an INON strobe to enhance mobility and minimize your luggage space.

* Average measured time underwater (approx. 25℃/77°F) to get half brightness when continuously turn ON the product.

The light head and battery box is made from seawater-resistant aluminum alloy. Simple yet durable construction with double O-ring for moving parts attains depth rating 120 m. The independent rotary switch part is equipped with a stopper to prevent accidental flooding due to over loosening and reliable ON/OFF operation.
Gold coating on electrical contacts of the light head and battery box provides maintenance free circumstances under normal usage.
The light head is interchangeable with any light head of 3x AA operated "LE700-S Type2",  "LE700-S","LE700-W Type2","LE700-W", "LE600h-S", "LE550-S", "LE550-W", "LE350 Type2", "LE350", "LE330h", "LE250" to use for different applications and support possible upgrading to future model.

Special coating

Special coating

3 x AA size batteries

3 x AA size batteries

Rear switch

Rear switch


Beam angle
75 degree

Standard Accessory

Red Filter LE
Red Filter LE
Hand strap
Hand strap
INON grease
INON grease



LED High-intensity power LED (Cree XM-L2“T4”)
Luminous Flux(*2)(*3) 600 lumen
Beam Angle 75° [without a filter and with packaged Red Filter LE]
Color Temp. (*3) approx. 6500K
Run Time (*4)(*5) approx. 60 minutes [“eneloop” battery]
approx. 80 minutes [“eneloop pro” battery]
Compatible Battery AA “eneloop” / “eneloop pro” battery x 3 (*6)
AA NiMH [good quality] x 3 (*7)(*8)
AA Alkaline battery [good quality] x 3 (*8)
AA Lithium battery [good quality] (1.5V) x 3 (*8)
Depth Rating 120m / 394’(*9)
Size (*10) Max. diameter 33.7mm/1.3” x 193.6mm/7.6”
Weight (*10) Air: 217.5g/7.7oz, Underwater: approx. 131g/4.6oz
Working / Storage Temperature 0℃-30℃/32°F-86°F
LED life time approx. 10,000 hours
Material / Finishing Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy/rigid almite,
PBT, optical glass etc.
Standard Accessory Red Filter LE
Hand strap
INON grease
EMC standards EN 55015:2013, EN 61547:2009,
CRF 47 FCC Part 15 Subpart A and B,
ICES-003:2020(Issue 7), AS CISPR 15:2017

(*1) Subject to change without prior notice
(*2) Nominal value calculated from LED manufacture specification sheet.
(*3) Due to individual variability of LED, drive circuit or battery etc., luminous flux, color temperature or intensity may vary within rated specification.
(*4) Average time to get half brightness when continuously turn ON the product with below listed batteries underwater (approx. 25℃/77°F).
- ”eneloop” battery : Panasonic ”eneloop”, BK-3MCC, 1.2V, Min.1,900mAh
- ”eneloop pro” battery : Panasonic ”eneloop pro”, BK-3HCD, 1.2V, Min.2,500mAh
(*5) Actual measured data by INON. The value may vary depending on product individual variability, battery manufacture/model, test condition.
(*6) "New generation" NiMH batteries carrying less self-discharging and heat generating characteristic comparing to "conventional" or "high-capacity" NiMH including batteries listed below have been confirmed compatible by INON INC. as same as recommended Panasonic "eneloop"/"eneloop pro" battery (BK-3MCC, BK-3HCC / BK-3HCD).
Panasonic Corporation : Model name: eneloop [recommended] /Model code: BK-3MCC
Panasonic Corporation : Model name: eneloop pro [recommended] /Model code: BK-3HCC / BK-3HCD
SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd : Model name: eneloop [recommended] /Model code: HR-3UTG/ HR-3UTGA/ HR-3UTGB
SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd : Model name: eneloop pro [recommended] /Model code: HR-3UWX
Sony Corp. : Model name: Cycle Energy Blue/Model cod:NH-AA-2BKA, NH-AA-4BKA
Panasonic Corporation : Model name: Rechargeable Ni-MH (AA)/Model code:HHR-3MPS
Maha Energy Corporation : Model name: IMEDION/Model code:MHRAAI4
GP Batteries International Ltd : Model name: ReCyko+ /Model code:210AAHCBE
ANSMANN AG : Model name: maxE/Model code:5030991, 5030992, 5035052
Electrochem Automation Inc. : Model name: NEXcell energyON/Model code:n/a (AA 2000mAh)
(*7) Some ”conventional” or ”high-capacity” NiMH rechargeable batteries have significant self-discharge and heat-generating characteristic resulting difficulty to keep their performance during usage. We recommend using recommended batteries.
(*8) Run time very much depends on battery characteristic, quality. Make sure to use quality battery supporting continuous discharge of large current not to have battery leakage as well.
(*9) Without operating the ”switch”. INON has confirmed depth rating 84m/276’ including switch operation.
(*10) Including 3 x AA ”eneloop” batteries.