Simple & Secure System

"Wanna take more little fish?" " Wanna take a big fish entire in your image?"
"Wanna take more wide landscape?" " Wanna take more clear image without backscatter ?" interchangeable wet wide conversion lens close-up lens.
You need an external strobe and intercahngeble wet conversion lens and close-up lens. What we need for underwater accessories in severe condition? Yes, we need "simple & secure" system.
INON strobe system and attachment lenses are compact and easy to handle, yet carrying exceptional performance for every user. INON produces unique and innovative underwater photographic system with consistent pursuits for uncompromising quality to satisfy every digital camera user's high requirements.

Strobe Set

The combination of "Grip Base D4" and "D Holder" easily provides dual strobe configuration with Z-240/D-2000/S-2000. The Grip Base D4 is attached on a Mount Base with two screws supports secure fixation against severe underwater condition.


Multicore Optical D Cable for Reliable Flashing

INON "Optical D Cable/Cap (Bush) Set" catches light from built-in flash of a digital camera stored in a housing underwater to trigger Z-240/D-2000/S-2000 without fault. Connecting via Optical D Cable Type L which uses fiber optics enables to trigger an external strobe more reliably comparing to conventional wireless slave system, even in bright condition like just under the surface or shooting backlit subject. INON "Clear Photo System" (*1) effectively suppress several disadvantages of transparent housing like marine snow, ghost and flare.
The INON optical fiber has distinctive advantage being made up of more than 200 fibers and each single fiber is thinner than hair carrying high tolerance against breakage with unbelievable minimum bend radius 2mm. Though other manufacture's optical fiber looks like same as INON's optical fiber, their structure is single core which limits its minimum bend radius to about 10mm. At the minimum bend radius, the single core type fiber optics loses about 50% of optical signal resulting in poor flashing of external strobe. INON's multicore type optical fiber loses almost NO optical signal when bending at 10mm bend radius to support reliable external strobe flashing. Multicore fiber optics acquires not only assure signal transmission but also enables to have high quality scroll design.
(*1) Clear Photo System compatibility varies by model.

Optical D Cable Cap Set

Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set screwed on a white diffuser panel of genuine housing.

Optical D Cable Cap Set

Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set attached on a bayonet part of Mount Base.

INON Fiber Optics
INON Fiber Optics

High tolerant plastic fiber optics. No damage even pinched like this. The high tolerance leads secure optical signal transmission.

Left : INON multicore optical fiber Cross sectional illustration

Cross sectional illustration of INON multicore optical fiber
Cross sectional illustration of conventional single core optical fiber


Optical D Cable Type L Cap (Bush) Set reliably triggers strobe

It is essential to catch built-in flash light effectively to benefit faultless flashing of Z-240/D-2000/S-2000 via durable INON optical fiber. So each set has unique light receiving unit specifically designed for respective housing to locate the bear end of Optical D Cable Type L in front of light emitting part of camera's built-in flash. The light receiving part is equipped with a mirror to collect the built-in flash light. Each mirror is specially constructed for particular camera to suit to its built-in flash location.
The light receiving unit can accept maximum two Optical D Cable Type L. So it is easy to set-up dual strobe configuration only with an additional Optical D Cable Type L.
Once Optical D Cable Type L is fixed on a housing or Mount Base, screw the connector on the slave sensor of Z-240/D-2000/S-2000. Simple yet reliable INON optical connection system never miss precious moment to capture even in severe underwater.
Optical D Cable Cap Set

Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set is equipped with a mirror to support rellable light transmission from built-in flash to an optical fiber

Optical fiber receiving part

Optical fiber receiving part and its cap. An optical fiber is securely held by lightly tightening the cap. The extra hole for additional fiber optics to conenct add-on strobe.

Optical D Cable is screwed

Strobe connector is screwed on the slave sensor of Z-240/D-2000/S-2000. Never drops off underwater to support reliable optical signal transmission to trigger an external strobe.

Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set

Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set attached on a bayonrt part of Mount Base

Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set

Optical D Cable Type L/Cap Set screwed on white diffuser panel of genuine housing.


Mount Base for Easy and Reliable Lens Installation/Replacement

INON AD Mount Base and 28AD Mount Base / 28AD Port is a multi purpose base specifically designed for specific compact underwater housing to support every level of photographers. The AD / 28AD lens mount is bayonet system enabling you to install AD Mount series lenses (*1) on "AD Mount Base" supporting fish-eye imaging as well as ultra macro imaging , or to install 28AD Mount series lens (*2) exclusively designed for a wide camera with 28mm master lens, on "28AD Mount Base" / "28AD Port" securely yet instantly. The "AD Mount Base" / "28AD Mount Base" / "28AD Port" is fixed on compatible housing at two points. One is rubber pressure welding wrapping around housing lens port / interchangeable lens port, which also suppors attachment lens alignment. The other is housing tripod hole where Mount Base is firmly screwed on. Off course, INON Mount Base is fully compatible with optional [Optical D Cable/Cap Set] to support secure and reliable transmission of built-in flash to an external strobe.
(*1) AD Mount series lens: UFL-165AD Fish-eye Conversion Lens (underwater only), UWL-105AD Wide Conversion Lens, UCL-165AD Close-up Lens
(*2) 28AD Mount series lens: UWL-100 28AD Wide Conversion Lens
easily installed
AD Mount series lens is easily installed on "AD Mount Base" and 28AD Mount series lens is easily installed on "28AD Mount Base" / "28AD Port". It is free from abrupt dropping off and you have free choice among wide conversion lens, fish-eye conversion lens or close-up lens depending on your subjects and easily exchange those lenses underwater.
AD Mount Base
■AD Mount Base

AD Lens Holder
■AD Lens Holder

Holds AD Mount / 28AD Mount attachment lens on Arms. This is essential for divers shooting macro, wide, super macro and ultra macro in single dive. Also helps to exchange lenses underwater. Holds maximum two lense.