S-TTL Adjustable
D-2000 Type4

■INON D-2000 Type4

"S-TTL" Auto of INON Z-240, D-2000 series and S-2000 is not just to work out "full automatic strobe shooting" with point and shoot digital camera.
●Flash output can be finely adjusted even though in underwater TTL Auto circumstance for desired exposure depending on preference.
●Three dimensional appearance can be obtained by adjusting flash output balance between both ends strobes to control shadows under dual strobe configuration.
INON S-TTL Auto Strobe enables you to have above unique advantages by simply clicking control dial, which was impossible with existing underwater TTL Auto strobe. INON Z-240/D-2000 series/S-2000 realize your high sensitivity that can not be satisfied with existing underwater TTL Auto strobe.


Fine and creative flash output tune for desired exposure even in TTL AUTO

Flash output compensation using [ EV. Control Switch ] in "S-TTL" Auto mode

[Bit brighter] EV.Control Switch: A
Bit brighter

[Standard position] EV.Control Switch: B
Standard position

[Bit dark] EV.Control Switch: C
Bit dark

[Rather dark] EV.Control Switch: C-
Rather dark

It will get hard to express one's image with existing underwater TTL auto strobe when a user gains experience of underwater photography. This is because that desired exposure is vary by each photographer's sensitivity and appropriate exposure is also vary depending on shooting condition like subject color etc. "S-TTL" of Z-240 / D-2000 / S-2000 enables fine flash output adjustment of based on desired exposure or appropriate exposure which may vary depending on shooting condition. Manually controllable [EV Control Switch] enables you to select "real" appropriate exposure by simply dialing the switch.

●Sample data

  • Set D-2000 to "S-TTL Auto Mode" and set [EV Control Switch] to [B] (standard position) position.
  • Compare different setting of "A" for (Bit brighter) , "C" for (Bit dark) and "C-" for (Rather dark), then select "real" appropriate exposure setting.


  • Actual exposure may be different from the sample depending on camera / shooting condition /shooting parameters (aperture, distance to subject etc.) though setting [EV Control Switch] to "B".


  • Camera / housing: C-5050Z / PT-015
  • Strobe: D-2000 x 2 (both strobe set to "S-TTL" Auto)
  • Attachment lens: UCL-165M67 x2

●Photo data / subject

  • Camera setting: f2.6 at 1/1000, ISO=100, Telephoto end, with Macro Mode ON
  • Subject: Piano blenny (face size: approx.1.5cm / 0.6inch width)
  • Distance to subject: approx. 5cm/2inch
  • Location: Fukuura Japan, Photo by R.Hattori


Accentuate three dimensional appearance with dual strobe

Advanced application of "S-TTL" Auto to control shadow of a subject

Configure another D-2000 Series / D-180 Series / Z-240 as External Auto Operating Strobe

[Flat lighting, bit overexposed]

Flat lighting, bit overexposed

[Left] "S-TTL"Auto side: EV.Control Switch: B
(select position at correct exposure)
[Right] External Auto side: Aperture: f8.0

[Soft shadow]

Soft shadow

[Left] "S-TTL"Auto side: EV.Control Switch: B
(select position at correct exposure)
[Right] External Auto side: Aperture: f5.6

[Normal shadow]

Normal shadow

[Left] "S-TTL"Auto side: EV.Control Switch: B
(select position at correct exposure)
[Right] External Auto side: Aperture: f4.0

[Dark shadow]

Dark shadow

[Left] "S-TTL"Auto side: EV.Control Switch: B
(select position at correct exposure)
[Right] External Auto side: Aperture: f2.8


It was impossible for existing underwater TTL auto strobe to intentionally make asymmentric lighting under dual strobe configuration and only "flat" lighting was available. However, with INON unique technology it is easy to control darkness of shadow by setting Z-240 / D-2000 / S-2000 to "S-TTL Auto" and another D-2000 series, D-180 series or Z-240 to External Auto.
When using D-2000 series x 2 or Z-240 x 2,"S-TTL Auto" side and "External Auto" side can be instantly switched over by dialing control knob enabling you to control not only darkness of shadow but can select which side of a subject you have shadow. The function to control shadow under dual TTL auto strobe used to be only possible with high-end SLR camera system on land.

●Sample Data

  • Set "S-TTL Auto Mode" in the opposite side ("Left" side in this sample) of D-2000 to shadow side ("Right"side in this sample) .
  • Set base exposure position ("B"in this sample) with [EV. Control Switch].
  • Set the other D-2000 to "External Auto Mode" and select same aperture value as camera's setting on EV Control Switch (select " f 5.6 " corresponding to camera's setting in this sample).With above setting, base lighting is obtained ([soft shadow] in this case).
  • Change aperture setting of the D-2000 (as External Auto Strobe) and take shots; "f 8" for [flat lighting, bit overexposed], "f4" for [normal shadow] and "f 2.8" for [dark shadow]
  • In the case 2 x D-2000 series or 2 x Z-240, you can instantly switch over "S-TTL Auto" side and "Exterbal Auto" to have a shadow on the ohter side of the subject.


  • It is necessary to connect underwater housing and each strobe directly by specific "Optical D Cable / Cap Set" and "Optical D Cable" as shown image right.
  • Standard position of [EV. Control Switch] for appropriate exposure may be differ from position "B" depending on camera, shooting condition or camera setting (such as distance to subject, aperture setting etc.)
  • External Auto compatible D-2000 series, D-180 series and Z-240 can be used as a second strobe. When using different strobe model as a second strobe, it may be necessary to step down (D-180 series) / step up (Z-240) aperture setting on the strobe over camera's aperture setting since flash system of D-180 series / Z-240 is different from the system of D-2000 series (1st strobe).
  • It is possible to select Manual mode on the strobe not to be used as "S-TTL" Auto strobe. In this case, total light amount is adequately controlled by the S-TTL operating strobe within "S-TTL" Auto exposure range. Make sure to set Advanced Cancel Circuit to "ON"regardless of using External Auto / Manual.
  • A camera which allows to fix aperture setting and ISO sensitivity, is desirable to use second strobe in External Auto or Manual.


  • Camera / housing: C-5050Z / PT-015
  • Strobe: D-2000 x 2 (one in "S-TTL" Auto mode and the other in External Auto mode)
  • Attachment lens: UWL-100 Achromat Wide Conversion Lens Type 2 + Dome Lens Unit for UWL-100

●Photo Data / Subject

  • Camera setting: f 5.6 at 1/1000, ISO100, telephoto end with Macro mode ON
  • Subject: Cat shark (Length 30cm / 11.8 inch approx.) Distance to subject: 20cm / 7.9 inch approx.
  • Location: Fukuura, Photo by R. Hattori