Optical D Cable Type L

INON fiber optics products are key component to provide simple yet reliable connection between camera system and INON strobe without flooding or influence from circumstances.
All INON Optical Cable products have been upgraded to "Type L" equipping "L-Connector" upon "Z-240 Type4"/"D-2000 Type4" introduction.


■Easy handling with compact and rotatable "L-Connector"

Setup Image

A strobe connector has been dramatically downsized with L shape design to benefit easy handling together with rotatable structure where fiber optics can be positioned to any direction.

■User-Servicable structure even for strobe side connector

User-Servicable structure even for strobe side connector

Maintenance of fiber optics is essential to ensure S-TTL Auto accuracy. The "L-Connector" is easy to disassemble enabling you to do maintenance both bear ends of fiber optics.

■Compatible with two strobe sensors

Type L fiber optics products are originally assembled with a wireless compatible L-Connector which is directly attached on slave sensor of S-TTL Auto / wireless connection compatible strobe “Z-330” / "S-2000" / “Z-240 Type4” / “D-2000 Type4”.
By replacing original connector with an optional “non-wireless type” enabling you to use it for Z-240 Type3 / D-2000 Type3 and other previous model.

Optical D Cable Type L

2 types of L shape strobe connector

"Optical Cable / Optical D Cable Type L" originally comes with wireless compatible strobe connector but replaceable with supplied non-wireless type strobe connector to use with non-wireless type strobe.

Wireless type L-Connector

"Wireless type" L-Connector

  • Z-330
  • D-200
  • S-2000
  • Z-240 Type4
  • D-2000 Type4
Non-wireless type L-Connector

"Non-wireless type" L-Connector

  • S-2000 (both L-Conector type is usable)
  • Z-240 Type3 / Type2 / Type1
  • D-2000 Type3 / Type2 / Type1
  • D-2000S Type2 / Type1
  • D-2000W/Wn
  • D-180 series
  • Z-220 series
  • INON TTL Sensor Z / SB / YS
  • INON Focus Light Controller

L-Connector Modification Instruction

Pre-installed L-Connector on "Optical D Cable Type L" products is "wireless type" and necessary to replace with "non wireless type" L-Connector to use for non wireless strobes.
*Refer to Strobe and Optical Cable Compatibility and L-connector Modification Instruction

■Sensor Plug Non-wireless (Service parts)

Sensor Plug Non-wireless
Strobe and optical cable compatibility

L-connector modification instruction

If you already have previous type Optical Cable product, you can still use it for wireless compatible strobe; Z-330 / D-200 / S-2000 / Z-240 Type4 / D-2000 Type4 by replacing original strobe connector with optional "Sensor Plug Wireless".

■Sensor Plug Wireless (Service parts)

Sensor Plug Wireless (Service parts)