XD Lens Holder S

JAN/EAN code : 4570018120350

XDレンズホルダー S
[Compatible Arm]

For an INON arm

[Set-up example]
Arm S + XD Lens Holder S
Arm S + XD Lens Holder S

XD Lens Holder M5

JAN/EAN code : 4570018120367

[Compatible Arm]
Compatible Arm

For “Stick Arm”, "Float Arm", "Mega Float Arm" and "Mega Float Tube"

*Optional “M5 Joint” is required.


[Set-up example]
Stick Arm S-T, M5 Joint
Stick Arm S-T, M5 Joint
Float Arm S + XD Lens Holder M5, Mega Float Arm S + XD Lens Holder M5
Float Arm S + XD Lens Holder M5, Mega Float Arm S + XD Lens Holder M5

XD Lens Holder Shoe Base

JAN/EAN code : 4570018120374

XDレンズホルダー シューベース

A lens holder directly attached on housing accessory shoe to help speedy lens exchange and makes entire system more compact.

[Set-up example]
Installed on Olympus PT-059
Installed on Olympus PT-059
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Lens Hood III

JAN/EAN code : 4570018120251

[Compatible Lens]
Compatible Lens
[Set-up example]
Set-up example

A lens hood for “UWL-H100”, ”UWL-95 C24” and ”UWL-95S XD” wide lenses. The hood blocks unnecessary ambient light in back-lit condition etc. to prevent ghosting/flare and also protects lens surface from accidental damage.
No vignetting at zoom wide end both underwater and on land.
Confirmed camera/housing
Sony [MPK-URX100A] + Olympus [PT-059], [PT-058], [PT-056]
Other camera/housing combinations have not been tested, so please note that vignetting may occur depending on the lens and housing lens surface conditions.
Outer diameter : φ114 mm/4.4 in.
Length : 53 mm/2.0 in
Weight :[Air] 8 g/0.2 oz, [Underwater] approx. 54 g/1.9 oz

Not usable when using “Dome Lens Unit III”.

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Front Cover 110

JAN/EAN code : 4562121438989


A cover designed for wide lens fitted with a lens hood. This cover protect lens surface when not in use as the cover is made of elastic neoprene material.

UWL-100 Neoprene Carry Pouch

JAN/EAN code : 4562121431645

キャリングポーチ for UWL-100

A carry pouch made of neoprene which is used for wet suit and can be brought to underwater. It is recommended to put attachment lens in this carry pouch whenever not in use to prevent accidental damage.

*Not usable when Lens Hood III or Dome Lens Unit III is installed.

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