Product Specifications (*1)

Model UFL-M150 ZM80
Outer diameter / Length (*2) 39.7mm / 36.8mm (1.6in / 1.4in)
Weight (air / underwater) 66g / approx.41g (2.3oz / 1.4oz)
Lens construction 5 elements in 4 groups
Focal length (air / underwater) - / infinity (afocal system)
Magnification 0.15
Maximum incident view angle (air / underwater) (*3) - / 150°
Body material / Finishing Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy / Rigid black almite
Glass material / Finishing Optical glass / Both side anti-reflection coating
Mount thread diameter / pitch M27 / 1.0
Depth rating 60m / 197ft

Actual shooting distance (from lens surface) and camera's focus setting

Shooting distance
[from front edge of the lens] (*5)
Focus position (*4)
0mm 309.8mm
2.9mm 400mm
6.1mm 500mm
9.3mm 600mm
12.5mm 700mm
15.7mm 800mm
19mm 900mm
22.2mm 1000mm

(*1) Specification is subject to change without prior notice.
(*2) Excluding "Lock Ring"
(*3) Actual view angle (actual field of view) varies depending on zoom setting of combined camera.
(*4) Focus range / position on land (=visual distance underwater). Multiply by 1.33 for measured distance underwater.
(*5) Measured distance underwater. Divide by 1.33 for visual distance underwater.