■SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7

JAN code: 4562121438972

SDフロントマスク for HERO5/6/7
SDフロントマスク for HERO5/6/7取付

The SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7 is a simple solution to add an attachment lens or arm system on GoPro® Super Suit Housing .


The M5 thumbscrew is not included in SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7 and optionally available at your local INON dealer.


Compatible GoPro® cameras

  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black

--In combination with optional GoPro Super Suit (Protection + Dive Housing for HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black or HERO(2018))

SDフロントマスク for HERO5/6/7取付背面
SDフロントマスク for HERO5/6/7背面
SDフロントマスク for HERO5/6/7底面

●SD Mount Bayonet with Locking System

Equipped with INON "SD Mount" bayonet system with additional locking feature to support easy and speedy exchange as well as reliable installation of INON "UFL-G140 SD underwater semi-fisheye conversion lens" or "UCL-G165 SD underwater wide close-up lens" designed exclusively for an action camera like GoPro®. Of course the SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7 is usable without any attachment lens.

SD Mount supports speedy UFL-G140 SD lens exchange


SD Mount supports speedy UCL-G165 SD lens exchange



●Lightweight Reinforced Plastic

Made of reinforced plastic (FRP) for durability and not to compromise benefit of lightweight GoPro® camera. Easy to install to snap on the front of a housing and fix with a thumbscrew.

Lightweight Reinforced Plastic



The SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7 can hold INON "Direct Base III", "Z Joint", "Z Adapter MV" or "Shoe Base M6" at its bottom surface to install GoPro® camera on various systems for broad application. Packaged "Male Adapter (GoPro) for SD Mount Base/SD Front Mask" can be attached on bottom of this product utilizes your GoPro® compatible accessories.




Packaged "Mount Adapter for SD Mount Base/SD Front Mask" enables to add one INON "D Holder" on the left side for steady underwater imaging.
Double handle configuration is also supported by installing "Grip Base D4" and "D Holder" enabling you to hold the system with both hands providing more photos/clips with less camera shake. The double handle system can further evolve to serious underwater camcorder system with video lights on both handles.

the optional D Holder on the left side

D holder

the optional Grip Base D4 and D Holder

Grip Base D4 & D Holder


●Tripod Shooting

Packaged "Mount Adapter for SD Mount Base/SD Front Mask" further enables to attach the SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7 on a tripod or monopod.

Tripod Shooting


Size 67.9mm/2.7in (W) × 82.3mm/3.2in (H) × 39.0mm/1.5in (D) (including protruded parts)
Weight [air] 40g/1.4oz
[underwater] approx. 15g/0.5oz
Material/finishing Polycarbonate, POM etc.


[When using SD Front Mask for HEOR5/6/7]
* Compatible housing is GoPro® genuine "Super Suit" (Protection + Dive Housing for HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black or HERO(2018)).
* When using on land, without using [Video Stabilization] even without an attachment lens will have vignetting (No vignetting underwater). So make sure to activate [Video Stabilization] on land.
* Both UFL-G140 SD and UCL-G165 SD are designed for underwater use only and not usable on land.
* The "SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7" is identical with the "SD Front Mask for HERO5/6" or "SD Front Mask for HERO5" besides model name and product code


Compatible Accessories

Direct Base III


Z Joint


Quick Holder Set S-Z


Grip Base D5


Z Adapter MV


Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC


Shoe Base M6


LED flashlight


Arm System


Carbon Telescopic Arm


M5 thumbscrew


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