News List

No.304  Tripod Adapter    December 27,2010
No.303  Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-H100    December 22,2010
No.302  Accessory for Canon PowerShot G12/G11    December 20,2010
No.301  M67 Adapter for Front Port Wide    December 09,2010
No.300  Accessory for Canon PowerShot S95    December 04,2010
No.299  Accessory for 28LD Mount    December 04,2010
No.298  UWL-H100 28LD Wide Conversion Lens    December 04,2010
No.294  INON at DEMA SHOW 2010    November 17,2010
No.291  Lens Port for Panasonic DSLR    August 10,2010
No.290  X-2 for GF1 is now available    August 06,2010
No.289  Grip Base M1 for X-2 for GF1    August 06,2010
No.286  Panasonic DMC-FT2, DMC-ZX3 new firmware to enhance INON strobe exposure accuracy    June 28,2010
No.284  Panasonic DMC-TZ10,TZ9,TZ8 new firmware to enhance INON strobe exposure accuracy    June 28,2010
No.281  "M67 Lens Adapter Base" for Fujifilm FinePix series    June 16,2010
No.279  Light Case LE    June 08,2010
No.277  Snoot Set for S-2000    May 31,2010
No.274  Accessory for Fujifilm F80EXR/WP-FXF80    May 27,2010
No.273  "M67 Lens Adapter Base" for Panasonic LUMIX series    May 27,2010
No.272  LE240 is now available!    March 29,2010
No.271  Accessory for Canon PowerShot S90    March 24,2010
No.270  Accessory for Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT2(DMC-TS2)    March 24,2010
No.269  Video Base V2    March 24,2010
No.268  Olympus E-PL1/PT-EP01    March 19,2010
No.267  Bar Mount    March 19,2010