News List

No.207  Accessories for Sony MPK-THG    December 30,2008
No.206  Accessories for Olympus PT-044    December 30,2008
No.205  World's smallest, best strobe "S-2000"    December 25,2008
No.204  Release date of Float Arm System    November 28,2008
No.201  Accessory for Canon WP-DC26    November 13,2008
No.200  Inon "Ultra compact semi-fisheye relay system lens" appeared on world's famous web magazine!    November 13,2008
No.198  Accessory for Canon WP-DC27    October 16,2008
No.195  Accessory for Sony MPK-WD    September 10,2008
No.191  New "Shoe Base Set" directly attaches a strobe on underwater housing!    August 13,2008
No.187  Compatibility with Olympus E-520/PT-E05    August 06,2008
No.180  Accessory for Olympus PT-043    June 25,2008
No.178  Accessory for Olympus PT-042    May 23,2008
No.177  Accessory for Canon WP-DC22/23/24    May 23,2008
No.176  Compatible NiMH Battery with Z-240/D-2000 Type 3 Strobe    May 23,2008
No.174  Strobe Cover・D/Z    April 03,2008
No.172  World's smallest, best strobe "S-2000"    March 20,2008
No.171  Float Arm System    March 20,2008
No.170  Shoe Base Set for Panasonic marine case    March 20,2008
No.169  Compatibility with Panasonic DMC-TZ5/DMW-MCTZ5    March 20,2008
No.168  Accessory for Panasonic DMW-MCFS5/MCFX35    March 20,2008
No.167  Accessory to support FUJIFILM WP-FXF100    March 20,2008
No.166  Arm XS Body / Multi Direct Base II ・Long    March 20,2008
No.164  Z-240/D-2000 Type 3 with new LED Focus Light    February 20,2008
No.163  Compatibility with Olympus μ850SW    February 20,2008