News List

No.260  Shoe Base Adapter D4    December 24,2009
No.252  Underwater Micro Semi-fisheye Relay Lens "UFL-MR130・EFS60"    September 19,2009
No.251  Port Arm    September 19,2009
No.246  D Holder Extension Bar    August 27,2009
No.244  Accessory for Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT1 (DMC-TS1)    August 17,2009
No.242  Video Base V1 for Canon VIXIA HF20/LEGRIA HF20    July 29,2009
No.240  Diffuser 2    July 27,2009
No.239  -0.5 Blue Diffuser for S-2000    July 27,2009
No.237  X-2 housing for EOS50D/40D    July 07,2009
No.236  "MRS Port" for Canon EF-S60mm Macro USM to support upcoming Underwater Micro Semi-fisheye Relay Lens UFL-MR130 EFS60    July 07,2009
No.235  X-2 Holder II Spacer directly attaches Holder II on X-2 Hosuing    July 01,2009
No.234  AD Lens Holder for Float Arm    July 01,2009
No.233  Compatibility with Sony DSC-T90/MPK-THGB    July 01,2009
No.230  Accessory for Canon WP-DC32    May 18,2009
No.229  Accessory for Canon WP-DC31    May 17,2009
No.228  Accessory for Canon WP-DC29    May 17,2009
No.226  New Z-240 / D-2000 Type4 supports "wireless connection"    April 20,2009
No.225  Ultimate LED Light LE250    April 20,2009
No.223  Optical Cable product directly plug in Olympus underwater housing    April 20,2009
No.222  All Optical Cable products have been upgraded to "Type L"    April 20,2009
No.219  S-2000 Starter Kit is now available for simple and handy strobe shooting!    March 26,2009
No.218  Compatibility with Panasonic DMC-TZ7/DMW-MCTZ7    March 26,2009
No.217  Compatibility with Panasonic DMC-FX40/DMW-MCFX40    March 26,2009
No.216  New accessory for Olympus PT-046    March 26,2009
No.215  Compatibility with Fujifilm F200EXR/WP-FXF200    March 26,2009
No.212  Loose-proof ! Wireless conenction compatible strobe arm "Grip Base D4"    March 02,2009