News List

No.389  M67 Lens Adapter Base DC48 for Canon WP-DC48    December 18,2012
No.388  Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80 is now available    December 18,2012
No.387  Compatibility with Olympus XZ-2/PT-054    November 28,2012
No.386  Compatibility with Canon WP-DC48    November 02,2012
No.385  Compatibility with Canon WP-DC47    November 02,2012
No.384  Compatibility with Nikon 1 J2/WP-N1    November 02,2012
No.383  UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide Conversion Lens    October 24,2012
No.382  Accessory for Canon WP-DC45    October 24,2012
No.381  Accessory for Panasonic DMW-MCTZ30    October 24,2012
No.380  Accessory for Sony MPK-WH    October 24,2012
No.379  Accessory for Canon WP-DC46    October 24,2012
No.378  Accessory for Canon WP-DC44    October 24,2012
No.377  Shoe Base Modification    October 24,2012
No.375  LE350    October 11,2012
No.373  Compatibility with Olympus TG-1/PT-053    September 25,2012
No.372  Compatibility with Olympus TG-820,TG-810,TG-610    September 25,2012
No.371  Z Adapter II    September 11,2012
No.370  LE700-W    August 30,2012
No.368  Compatibility with Olympus OM-D E-M5/PT-EP08    August 30,2012
No.366  Grip Base M1 (12-24 Tripod Screw Set) is released    April 05,2012
No.365  Modification of 『Grip Base M1』    March 29,2012
              Stephen Wong & Takako Uno Marine Photo Exhibition    July 25,2012
No.364  Z-240 "Expand Your Creativity” Campaign    July 12,2012
No.363  Color Temperature Conversion Filters are released    June 28,2012
No.362  Color Temperature Conversion Filters    June 14,2012
No.361  Rubber Bush-M11 Adapter    June 14,2012
No.360  LE700-S    May 24,2012
No.359  Snap-on Lens Cap M67    May 15,2012
No.358  Accessory for Canon iVIS HF M51/M52,WP-V4    April 11,2012
No.356  Accessory for Ikelite PowerShot S100/S95/S90 Housing    March 08,2012
No.354  Accessory for Olympus「M. ZUIKO14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II R」Lens    February 29,2012
No.353  Front port Rear Cap    February 29,2012
              Shooting Tips with INON UFL-M150 ZM80    February 22,2012
No.352  28LD Mount Base DC43    February 07,2012