News List

No.345  [Stick Arm Set] is released    December 09,2011
No.344  Accessory for Stick Arm / Multi Ball Arm    December 09,2011
No.343  [Stick Arm][Multi Ball Arm] are released    December 09,2011
No.342  [Double YS Adapter MV][YS Adapter WB MV]are released    December 09,2011
No.341  [Z Adapter MV][YS Adapter MV][Direct Base III]are released    December 09,2011
No.336  Compatibility with Olympus E-PL3/PT-EP05L, E-PM1/PT-EP06L    December 07,2011
No.335  [X-2 for EOS60D] is released    October 17,2011
No.334  Fujifilm WP-FXF500 is now supported by INON strobe    October 05,2011
No.333  [M67 Lens Adapter Base] for Fujifilm WP-FXF500    October 05,2011
No.332  New Zoom Gear is available for Canon EF8-15mm F4L Fisheye USM Lens    October 21,2011
No.331  [Clamp III] is released    September 28,2011
No.323  Underwater Micro Fisheye Lens [UFL-M150 ZM80] is released    July 22,2011
No.321  Accessory for Panasonic 「LUMIX G VARIO 14-42mm」Lens    July 12,2011
No.320  Compatibility with Panasonic 3D Lens 「LUMIX G 12.5mm/F12」    July 07,2011
No.319  INON will launch new housing for Panasonic LUMIX-GF2    June 29,2011
No.318  Compatibility with Canon 「EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS II」 Lens    June 20,2011
No.317  [M67 Lens Adapter Base] for Panasonic MCTZ20    May 31,2011
No.316  Accessory for Olympus PT-050    May 20,2011
No.315  Compatibility with Canon iVIS HF M43/M41, WP-V3    May 20,2011
No.314  UWL-H100 28M67 Type1/Type2 Wide Conversion Lens    May 20,2011
No.313  Discontinuation of X-2 for EOS50D/40D    May 11,2011
No.312  UCL-165LD Close-up lens with new lock system    April 12,2011
No.311  Accessory for Panasonic DMW-MCFT3    March 29,2011
No.310  Compatibility with Olympus E-PL2/PT-EP03    March 29,2011
No.306  Accessory for Canon PowerShot G10    January 31,2011
No.305  Compatibility with Panasonic [LUMIX G 14mm/F2.5 ASPH.] Lens    January 25,2011