Z-330 Type2

Z-330 Type2


Flagship Underwater Strobe with Wide and Powerful Light


The INON Z-330 Type2 provides powerful Guide Number 33, high performance and multifunction in its compact body. The high performance fly-eye dome lens provides both powerful light output not sacrificed by a diffuser etc. and 110 degree underwater beam angle with minimal unevenness in light distribution. For digital cameras, film cameras, optical connection and sync cable connection, the Z-330 Type2 strobe supports every camera system with unparalleled features.

Z-330 Type2
Z-330 Type2 Side
作例(Z-330×2 SOFT ドームフィルター使用)
Two Z-330 strobes with Strobe Dome Filter SOFT
  • Spread even strobe light at 110 degrees UNDERWATER without diffuser
  • Powerful Guide Number 33
  • 13-step Manual Mode in addition to proven S-TTL Auto Mode
  • Bundled "Strobe Light Shade" to prevent shining camera lens
  • 220 lumen, shutter linked auto OFF Focus Light
  • Easily visible conspicuous phosphorescence back control panel during day and night
  • Improved intuitive controllability with larger control dials
  • Built-in radiation system to release generated heat inside to underwater
  • Optical/electrical connection compatibility
  • Minimum recycle time "approx. 1.6 sec." at full dump.
  • On-board Wireless TTL capability
Z-330 strobe features
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