UWL-H100 28LD Wide Conversion Lens


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28LD Series lens
Compatible Mount
28LD Mount
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Bayonet type 28LD Mount

Dual use (land / underwater) wide conversion lens specially designed for 28mm wide camera (35mm film equivalent). The maximum view angle is 100.8°underwater for wide imaging and179°on land for fish-eye imaging.
Together with newly designed optical construction, using highly refractive optical elements provides larger effective diameter of the rear optical element in compact size to accommodate with latest camera model carrying larger image sensor and brighter master lens.
Unique optical design allows to shorten minimum focal distance with ultra wide view angle thus effective for wide macro shot.
Optional "Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-H100" further increases maximum view angle to144.8°underwater for semi-fisheye imaging.
Optical construction consists of 4 elements in 4 groups with coated optical glasses which effectively suppress optical aberrations and elicits master lens performance.
Lockable bayonet mount INON "28LD Mount" compatible. Easy, speedy yet reliable installation on "28LD Mount Base" can be obtained.
The UWL-H100 28LD is attached on compatible camera / housing via "28LD Mount Base" which is exclusively designed for each housing.

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Attached via specific "28LD Mount Base" for each camera / housing model.

Sample images

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Without conversion lens
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With UWL-H100 28LD

[When using a wide conversion lens]
*When shooting without an external strobe, it is recommended to use ambient light only instead firing the built-in flash since the built-in flash light may be blocked depending on a housing design, shooting distance or angle of view etc.
*Set the camera zoom position to 28mm (35mm film equivalent). If you observe vignetting at wide end, zoom to telephoto side minimum necessary or crop the image after taking image. The lens is designed to get optimum performance at above setting.

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