X-2 for EOS80D housing
  • Light Underwater Weight for Easy and Friendly Handling Underwater.
  • Intuitive Control Layout as same as Camera’s Control.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Alloy Body.
  • Durable Body Coating.
  • Zinc Corrosion Suppression Units each one on the Front/Rear Body.
  • Leak Sensor with Red LED and Buzzer
  • S-TTL Auto Strobe Fully Supported.
  • Interchangeable Four Finder Models.
  • Multi-coated Optical Lens Port Compatibility.
  • MRS Port Control by Magnet Attraction.

X-2 for EOS80D VC FL
(without Finder)

X-2 for EOS80D FL

X-2 for EOS80DVC FW
(with Finder Window)

X-2 for EOS80D FW

X-2 for EOS80D VC PF2
(with Pick-up Finder 2)

X-2 for EOS80D PF2

X-2 for EOS80D VC 45VF-II
(with 45°Viewfinder II)

X-2 for EOS80D 45VF

■X-2 for EOS80D VC STVF-II
(with Straight Viewfinder Unit II)


X-2 for EOS80D STVF-II
X-2 for EOS70D System Chart
X-2 for EOS70D System Table