Compatible camera CANON EOS 50D, EOS 40D
Compatible lens CANON EF15mm Fisheye - EF180mm Macro
Compatible strobe INON Z-240 / D-2000 series / S-2000 / D-180 series / Z-220 series
Accessible camera controls Shutter button, Main Dial, Strobe Button, Mode Dial, Quick Control Dial, Setting Button, Power/Quick Control Dial Switch, Menu Button, Playback Button, Erase Button, Info/Trimming Orientation Button, Picture Style Selection Button, Function Button (50D), AF Start Button, AE Lock/FE Lock Button/Index/Reduce Button, AF Point Selection/Magnify Button, Metering Mode Selection/White Balance Selection Button, Drive Mode Selection/AF Mode Selection Button, ISO Speed Setting/Flash Exposure Compensation Button, Live View shooting/Print/Share Button (50D), Print/Share Button (40D), Jump Button (40D),
Lens Control Manual focus ring (wide/macro lens), Zoom ring (zoom lens)
INON Optical D Connector 2 (Accepts maximum 4 strobes. (2 strobes per connector))
Leak Sensor (buzzer/LED) Built-in battery/operation checker (CR2032 x 1)
Size W 198mm / 7.8in x H 171mm / 6.7in x D 122mm / 4.8in
Weight (air) approx. 1,913g / 67.5oz [45° Viewfinder model standalone]
approx. 1,853g / 65.4oz [Straight Viewfinder model standalone]
approx. 1,610g / 56.8oz [Pick-up Finder 2 model standalone]
approx. 1,603g / 56.5oz [Finder Window model standalone]
Weight (underwater) approx. 530g / 18.7oz [45° Viewfinder model]
approx. 500g / 17.6oz [Straight Viewfinder model]
approx. 420g / 14.8oz [Pick-up Finder 2 model]
approx. 413g / 14.6oz [Finder Window model]
(including MRS60 Port, Magnet Ring 60 Set, camera, EF-S60mm lens and batteries)
Depth Rating 75m/246ft (with any INON Port)
Operable Temperature Range 0° C - +40° C / 32° F - 104° F
Material Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy
Color Teflon molybdenum coating: Tough black
Accessories Finder Unit Fixing Screw Ring, Lock Ring Tool for X-2 Finder Unit、Main O-ring(spare), Double Ring, INON Grease, Mode Dial Sticker (50D), Mode Dial Sticker (40D), Fiber Optics Fixing Rubber (spare), Allen Wrench 1.5mm , Allen Wrench 2.5mm, Allen Wrench 3mm

X-2 for 50D/40Dハウジングは、ボディを機械加工から精密鋳造に変更することに加え、スマートさを損なわずに体積を増加させ、さらに数々の努力により、重量軽減を実現しました。
X-2 for 30D (air)
approx.2,020g (71.3oz) [45°View Finder Model 単体重量]
approx.1,980g (69.8oz) [Straight View Finder Model 単体重量]
approx.1,730g (61.0oz) [Pick Up finder Model 単体重量]
approx.1,720g (60.7oz) [Fineder Window Model 単体重量]
X-2 for 30D (underwater)
approx.700g (24.7oz) [45 ° View Finder Model]
approx.650g (22.9oz) [Straight View Finder Model]
approx.580g (20.5oz) [Pick Up finder Model]
approx.580g (205oz) [Fineder Window Model]
(Including MRS60 Port, Magnet Ring 60 Set, Camera、EF-S60mm lens and batteries)