Model INON Z-240 Type4
Strobe Control Mode (*1) S-TTL Auto / External Auto / Manual / TTL Auto / Manual + TTL Auto (*10)
Connection (*1) Wireless connection / Optical D Cable / Optical Cable / Optical D Slave Cable / Electrical Cable (*11)
Guide Number (*2) 24 [without a diffuser]
21 [with supplied -0.5 White Diffuser]
14 [with supplied -1.5 White Diffuser]
Settable Flash Output (*2) 24(FULL) 21(-0.5) 17(-1) 14(-1.5) 12(-2) 10(-2.5) 8.5(-3) 7.1(-3.5) 6.0(-4) 5.0(-4.5) 4.2(-5) 3.6(-5.5) 3.0(-6)
(13 steps in 1/2EV increments)
Settable Aperture Value (*3) F1.4+1/2EV. - F11     (1/2EV.increments, 12steps)
F1.4+1/2EV. - F11+1/4EV. (1/4EV.increments, 24steps)
Focus Light (LED) Intensity 180lm (*4)
Beam Angle 100° x 100°circular beam [without a diffuser]
110° x 110°circular beam [with a diffuser]
20°           [Focus Light (LED)]
Color Temp. 5500K           [flash light, without a diffuser]
5400K           [flash light, with supplied diffuser]
Approx.6000K      [Focus Light (LED)]
Recycle Time
(*5) (*7)
Approx. 1.7 seconds minimum: ["eneloop" batteries (*8)]
Approx. 1.6 seconds minimum: [NiMH batteries (*9)]
Approx. 2.3 seconds minimum: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 2.5 seconds minimum: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Flash Capacity
(*5) (*7)
Approx. 240 flashes: ["eneloop" batteries (*8)]
Approx. 320 flashes: [NiMH batteries (*9)]
Approx. 220 flashes: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 380 flashes: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Focus Light (LED) Operable Duration
(*6) (*7)
Approx. 2hrs 20 min: ["eneloop" batteries (*8)]
Approx. 2hrs 50 min: [NiMH batteries (*9)]
Approx. 2hrs 00 min: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 4hrs 00 min: [Lithium (1.5V) batteries]
Compatible Batteries AA "eneloop" (HR-3UTG) x 4, or "new generation"NiMH batteries x 4 (*8)
AA NiMH x 4 [good quality] (*9)
AA Alkaline x 4
AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4
(Manganese batteries not compatible)
Focus Light Mode [Single mode]
Shutter linked auto OFF (manually turns ON / turns OFF upon shutter release)
[Continuous mode]
Shutter linked auto OFF (manually turns ON / turns OFF upon shutter release / automatically turns ON after approx. 0.5 second)
Dimensions Diameter: 99mm/3.9in. Height: 122mm/4.8in. Depth: 100mm/3.9in.
(*Not including Slave Sensor and Arm Base)
Weight [air] 583g/20.6oz (without batteries)
[underwater] Approx. 77g/2.7oz (with 4 "eneloop" batteries)
Working Temperature 0°C - 30°C / 32°F - 86°F [water temperature]
Storage Temperature 0°C - 30°C / 32°F - 86°F [air temperature]
+50°C/122°F (temporary allowable temperature limit)
Depth Rating 100m / 328ft
Body Material / Color Polycarbonate resin / gray
Package Contents Synch Connector Cap, Slave Sensor Cap, -0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual), W40° Filter LE, Red Filter LE, Light Filter Sticker Red, AC Circuit Switch Sticker (Film/Digital), Electrical Connection TTL Sticker, Spare O-ring (Battery Box, Synch Connector), INON Grease, TTL Insulation Plate x 2

(*1) Flash modes / connection method is vary depending on camera system. Also flash mode is vary depending on connection method. Please refer to respective sections of the user manuals for detail.
(*2) Measurement in air / ISO100, m, Nominal value
(*3) Usable for External Auto mode. At, ISO100 equivalent film sensitivity.
(*4) Nominal value by LED manufacture.
(*5) Measured with FULL strobe output at 30-second intervals with both Focus Light (Z-240, D-2000) and Advanced Cancel Circuit OFF, at 25° / 77° F giving 10 minutes cooling period every 50 flashes.
(*6) Operable duration is accumulated time of continuous mode with 5 minute cooling OFF every 30 minutes (Z-240) / 60 minutes (D-2000) at 25° C/ 77° F with test batteries *Cooling OFF time is excluded.
(*7) Recycle Time / Flash Capacity / Focus Light operable duration (Z-240, D-2000) based on INON test data. Actual values may vary depending on battery manufacturer, battery type and age.
(*8) Including listed "new generation" NiMH batteries ("eneloop" type) having less self-discharging and heat generation charactistic comparing to "conventional" or "high-capacity" NiMH and confirmed compatibility by INON INC,.
(*9) Some "conventional" or "high-capacity" NiMH rechargeable batteries have significant self-discharge and heat-generatinmg characteristic resulting difficulty to keep their performance during usage. We recommend to use recommended batterie.
(*10) Usable when connecting to TTL Auto compatible camera / camera system via an electrical cable.
(*11) Compatible cord: 5-pin Sync Cord/N (Sea&Sea)

Test battery

"eneloop" battery SANYO "eneloop", HR-3UTG, 1.2V, Min.1,900mAh, Typ.2,000mAh
NiMH battery SANYO Twicell 2700 Series, HR-3UG, 1.2V,Min.2,500mAh, Typ.2,700mAh
Alkaline battery Maxcell ALKALINE ACE, LR6(K), 1.5V
Lithium battery (1.5V) FUJIFILM/Energizer LITHIUM,FR6, 1.5V

New generation NiMH batteries
SANYO Model name : "eneloop"[recommended]
Model code : HR-3UTG
SONY Model name : Cycle Energy Blue
Model code : NH-AA-2BKA, NH-AA-4BKA
Panasonic Model name : Rechargeable NiMH(AA)
Model code : HR-3MPS
Maha Energy Corporation Model name : IMEDION
Model code : MHRAAI4
GP Batteries International Limited Model name : ReCyko+
Model code : 210AAHCBE
ANSMANN AG Model name : maxE
Model code : 5030991, 5030992, 5035052
Electrochem Automation Inc. Model name : NEXcell energyON
Model code : n/a (AA 2000mAh)