Compatible camera CANON EOS 6D
Compatible lens CANON EF15mm Fisheye - EF180mm Macro
Compatible strobe INON Z-330 / S-2000 / Z-240 / D-2000 series / D-180series / Z-220 series
Accessible camera controls Shutter button, Main Dial, Power Switch, Mode Dial, AF mode selection button, Drive mode selection button, ISO speed setting button, Metering mode selection button, Live View shooting/Movie shooting switch, Start/Stop button, AF start button, AE lock/FE lock button, AF point selection button, Index/Magnify/Reduce button, Quick Control Dial, Playback button, Setting button, Erase button, Menu button, Info button

* Quick Control button, Multi-controller, and Multi function lock switch are not accessible.
Lens Control Manual focus ring (fixed focal length lens)
Zoom ring (zoom lens)
INON Optical D Connector 2 (Accepts maximum 4 strobes. (2 strobes per connector))
Leak Sensor / Optical Flash Trigger Battery/operation checker is equipped.
2 x CR2032 batteries
Size (without Accessories) W210mm/8.3in x H174mm/6.9in x D124mm/4.9in (excluding finder unit)
Weight (air) approx. 2,047g/72.2oz [45°Viewfinder model standalone]
approx. 1,987g/70.1oz [Straight Viewfinder model standalone]
approx. 1,744g/61.5oz [Pick-up Finder 3 model standalone]
approx. 1,737g/61.3oz [Finder Window model standalone]
Depth Rating 75m/246feet (with any INON Port)
Operable Temp. Range 0°C - +40°C / 32°F - 104°F
Material Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy (Housing Body)
Color Teflon molybdenum coating: Charcoal gray
Accessories Finder Unit Fixing Screw Ring, Lock Ring Tool for X-2 Finder Unit, X-2 Main O-ring 175 (spare), INON Grease, Hot Shoe Connector Fixing Velcro Tape (spare), Fiber Optics Fixing Rubber (spare), Allen Wrench 1.5mm, Allen Wrench 2.5mm, Allen Wrench 3mm

[Underwater Weight]
Below table shows underwater weight of X-2 for EOS6D PF3 (Pick-up Finder 3 model).
X-2 for EOS6D FW (Finder Window model) is 7g(0.3oz) less than PF3.
X-2 for EOS6D 45VF (45°Viewfinder model) is 110g(3.9oz) more than PF3.
X-2 for EOS6D STVF (Straight Viewfinder model) is 80g (2.8oz) more than PF3.

Lens Compatible Port / Extension Ring Compatible Gear
/ Magnet Ring
U/W Weight
EF8-15mm F4L Fisheye USM Dome Port 2+Shade 2 Set
+ Extension Ring 18
Zoom Gear 8-15 approx.665g (23.5oz)
Dome Port 115
+ Extension Ring 18
Zoom Gear 8-15 approx.619g (21.8oz)
EF16-35mm F2.8L II USM Dome Port 2+Shade 2 Set
+ Extension Ring M
+ Extension Ring 36
Zoom Gear 8-15 approx.513g (18.1oz)
Dome Port 115
+ Extension Ring M
+ Extension Ring 36
Zoom Gear 8-15 approx.467g (16.5oz)
Tokina AT-X 107 DX Fisheye Dome Port 2+Shade 2 Set
+ Extension Ring S
Zoom Gear AT-X107 approx.515g (18.2oz)
Tokina AT-X 107 NH Fisheye
hood removed
Dome Port 115
+ Extension Ring S
Zoom Gear AT-X107 approx.467g (16.5oz)
EF50mm F2.5 Compact Macro MF Standard Port 2 (w/o control ring) Focus Gear15-50 approx.306g (10.8oz)
EF100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM MRS100 Port Type UIII MRS Magnet Ring approx.481g (17.0oz)
EF100mm F2.8 Macro USM MRS100 Port Type UII MRS Magnet Ring approx.484g (17.1oz)

*Underwater weight data measured in freshwater (density = 1) using a housing with a camera / lens / batteries / memory card. Individual difference of product or measurement condition may have different underwater weight. *including camera, lens, battery, memory card.