X-2 for GF1 [Front]

X-2 for EOS50D/40D 各部名称(正面)

1) Shutter lever
2) Motion picture button
3) Camera ON/OFF switch
4) Mode dial
5) Mounting hole(M6) for Multi Direct Base II

6) Double Optical D connector
7) Port mount
8) Anode
9) Compression Latch

X-2 for GF1 [Rear]

X-2 for GF1 各部名称(背面)

10) Flash stow lever
11) Strap hook for Monitorhood
12) Flash open button
13) Playback button
14) AF/AE LOCK button
15) Rear dial [rotating only]
16) AF/MF button
17) Q.MENU button
18) ISO button

19) WB(White Balance) button

20) MENU/SET button

21) Delete/Preview button

22) Fn(Function) button

23) DISPLAY button

24) AF(Auto Focus) mode button

25) Mounting hole(M3) for LCD Monitor Hood

26) LCD Monitor window

*The photo shows a trial product. It may be different from the real product.